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Girona Airport

Barcelona is located at the North eastern part of Spain and it can be found at the magnificent Mediterranean coast. This city is very well-known for many tourists from different parts of the globe because of its mixture of modernity, culture and history. If you choose to stay in this city, then you will probably arrive at Girona Airport. It is best if you can find apartment or any lodging option that is within the city as it is close to different tourist spots, restaurants, museums, shops and beautiful beaches. Everything that you are looking for a perfect vacation is here.

As you arrived at Girona Airport, you will immediately love the atmosphere of the place that resembles what you will see and experience as you go out of the airport. This is situated 12.5 km away from southwest of Girona and it is close to a small village called Vilobí d'Onyar. It is also connected to Costa Brava in Barcelona and the popular destination which is Pyrenees. This amazing airport was built during 1965 and it experienced modest passenger traffic during that time. It was early of 2000 when there are an increased number of passengers getting into the airport as Ryanair select Girona as their European hub. Today, it handles millions of passengers every year.

You will find 33 check-in desks located at the ground floor and 11 boarding gates to the first floor. This serves both their locals and international flights. At the departure area, there is food gallery as well as some shops where you can buy gifts for your relatives and friends way back home. The increased in passenger is because many choose Girona as alternative if they want to visit Barcelona. It is convenient for many passengers as there are buses and taxis that can take them to Barcelona from the airport. Some also choose a train ride through Girona railway station. If you want ultimate convenience, then there are car hire services located within Girona Airport. You will find them at the airport terminal.

Bus Service at the Airport

Bus service to and from the airport is managed by an independent company and the bus co-incide their time according to the arrival and departures of RyanAir. These buses can be found just outside the airport and it can take you to different places like Barcelona city center.

Additional Airport Services

There are two parking options that you can choose from as you arrived at Girona Airport. You can choose a parking service for short term stay and for long term stay. If you choose for short term stay, then it is located outside the terminal building, while the long term stay parking is 5 minutes drive from the airport. There is a shuttle service that can take you to and from the parking for added convenience.

Flights and Destinations

Today, Girona airport added flights and you can now fly to different destination all over Europe from the airport. There are 11 airlines that are now based at the airport. It is Ryanair that is considered as the main airline because it can offer flights to 55 destinations all over Europe. You will find flights going to Madrid, Stockholm, Paris Orly, Marrakech, Tenerife and many more.

Girona Airport is children friendly and they have facilities for disabled passengers. You will love to arrive in this airport if you are planning to visit Barcelona and other popular destinations in Spain. Girona Airport has world-class facilities to provide outstanding service to passengers coming from different parts of the globe. You will find convenience if you will arrive at this airport.