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Girona Tourist Attractions

For historic breaks, Spain contains some of the best destinations in the entire Europe but Girona is unfortunately the most overlooked city in this category. It is a fact that millions of people make use of Girona airport every year but most of them are those travelers whose main destination is Barcelona and they make use of the airport as a landing spot only. But if you spend some time in Girona as well, then you will find out there are several nearby attractions/places to see in this city that are worth checking out. Even though it is not as populated and big as Barcelona or Madrid but Girona is a city that is rich in both culture and history as much as the other cities.

Girona is not only a fabulous vacation spot for city breaks but for summer vacations as well. Apart from its historical and cultural attractions, it is also famous for its long sandy beaches, charming fishing villages and pine forests. Taking a walking tour around the city is recommended to explore the interesting sights of Girona fully. You can begin your journey from the northern edge of the city. You will get guaranteed spectacular views of the city’s church spires and rooftops if you follow the ancient Roman city wall. From here you can visit the pretty old quarter where the most attractive sight is the baroque cathedral. The building on the church dates back to 13th century and contains some wonderful gothic architecture along with ornate Romanesque cloisters. The Arab baths that can be located close by are also worth visiting.

You can also visit some of the modernist buildings here by Rafael Masó that includes Ribas Carehuet, 6/ House Masó, House Ribas Carehuet, street Ballesteries, street de la Força, street Argenteria, street Barcelona and street de la Força. In order to explore Girona fully, you will be required to spend a couple of days here for checking out all of its spectacular sights. You can also visit some of its nearby attractions/places to see like Blanes at Costa Brave, Olot in the Pyrenees and Figueres. A number of celebrations and traditions also take place at Girona frequently. The best among them are the gastronomic week and the Catholic Easter season holy week.

Girona is also a favorable holiday spot for those travelers who visit the city with their families and children and wish to enjoy different sports, parks and beaches. Some amazing golfing opportunities are available at Girona, making it a paradise place for golfers. There are several other sports options here including kayaking, mountain climbing, hiking, scuba diving, cave exploration along with hot air ballooning. A lot of people also find Girona’s nightlife quite interesting. The city contains several bars, discos, clubs and restaurants. You can enjoy nightlife of the city fully by enjoying tapas bars and trying different wines here. Trying Spanish version cannelloni is also a must for experiencing the best of the city.

The climate of Girona remains mild during the winter which provides tourism to the city even during winters unlike most of the other coastal towns that remain vacant during this time. Girona provides you a peaceful feel throughout the year that is why it proves to be an excellent place to enjoy everything that a small city has to offer. There are activities for couples, families, young and old alike in the city. You will not only find ancient buildings here but shopping centers, several famous restaurants, botanical gardens and a myriad of outdoor sports as well. Moreover, the beautiful historic quarter of Girona also attracts most visitors. Hence, due to its mild climate Girona makes a great destination during any time of the year.