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Girona Airport Departures

Girona airport proves to be quite convenient for those travelers who stay in resorts near Costa Brava such as L´Estarit, Blanes or Lloret del Mar. It is only 40 minutes away from the French border by road and most travelers make use of this airport to reach Pyrenees and Andorra’s ski resorts. The initials of the check-in process including the ticket sales at Girona airport takes place at the ground floor of the terminal building. However for boarding your plane you will be required to reach at the first floor of the terminal where 15 boarding gates can be located including a boarding gate at the ground floor that is used for departures occasionally during the peak seasons only. For checking-in you will be required to go through it at the ground floor where Desks 1 to 4 will weigh your luggage free of charge.

You can access the passenger-only area through the security checkpoint. Here you can also find several restaurants, cafeterias and shops. At the public area of the departures hall, as you walk on the right you can locate a Food Gallery cafeteria where the food prices are reasonable for passengers. Apart from restaurants, there are also information desks, toilets and many other facilities in this area.

For departure, passengers need to be present at the airport for their flights at the required time, regardless of any indicated delays. The passengers also need to be aware that the entire bag drop desk at Girona airport closes 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The boarding gate at the departure hall closes exactly 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Hence to be able to catch your flight easily you need to be exactly on time at Girona airport. With so many facilities available at the departure hall, you will get the perfect accommodation at the airport.