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Girona Airport Arrivals

If you are collecting someone from the airport it is always wise to check flight arrivals times before you depart. Delays do occur, so you don't want to be waiting at the airport, and paying for parking charges, for any longer than necessary. To help you with this, the take above shows you live arrival information, and if they are any expected delays, the new schedule time is show.

If you need information on parking a car at the airport you can find the relevant information on our airport parking page. You will find where the short term parking is and how much is charged per hour.

Arrival Procedures

As you start to disembark the aircraft you will notice there is no air bridge to take you into the terminal, so passenger will be required to walk on foot between the aircraft and the terminal building. There will be help available for passengers who need assistance, if not following the markings on the ground that lead to the terminal.

Once in the terminal, passengers who from outside of the Schengen area will first have to clear passport and immigration control. Ensure you have all your documents ready, and each family member has their own passport, and then queue up and proceed through passport control. It is advisable to go one-by-one at passport control as it will make the process slightly quicker, but if you have small children, then take them with you.

Going through passport control is a swift process. It's unusual for two or more planes to land within minutes of each other, so the passport control area is normally empty and only passengers on your flight will need to be cleared.

Baggage Reclaim Area

After clearing immigration, make your way to the baggage reclaim area. Girona airport has two baggage reclaim halls, one for EU flights and the other for non-EU flights, and you will be directed to the right hall.

If you only have hold luggage, you can simply proceed to the exit, otherwise look at the monitors in the reclaim area to see which carousel has been assigned to your flight. Once you have located it, wait at the carousel will your luggage appears. There are 4 single line carousels and also 1 much large carousel or flights with a large number of passengers.

There are not many facilities in this area. You will find some toilets that are located are the far end of the building, a cash machine should you need some money, and some vending machines that sell soft drinks and snacks. There are a couple of desks also (the desks are accessible for the reclaims area and the arrivals hall), and one that is very useful for first time visitors is the information desk. The staff can help you with transportation options, is you are not already aware, and they can supply you with free brochures, guides and a map of Girona and the local area.

If you have, or intend to rent a car, you will find the desk or car hire suppliers located in the baggage reclaim area. If you have pre-booked a car, which is always advisable, make your way to the appropriate desk with your voucher, credit card and any other relevant documents to obtain your keys.

After reclaiming your luggage, you can make you have to the arrivals area by going through customs. If you are coming from outside the European Union, you must declare items that need to be declared. Some examples of items which must be declared are food, high-value electronics and cash in excess of €10,000 euros. If you are not sure, then its best to ask a staff member at the Customs desk.

In case you have lost or damaged luggage, please go to your airline or handling desk in the airport with your flight ticket.

Arrivals Hall

The arrivals hall is not very big, but there is a waiting area and a few facilities for passengers. There is one café called 'Caffriccio' where you can get light refreshments and the opposite side the car hire and information desks.

To continue with your onward journey, you will find the taxi rank located directly outside of the terminal and bus stations is located across the main road to the right. Public transport offer some good routes to the local area, but you can also pre-book a rental car or a private shuttle to make your onwards journey easier.

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