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Girona Airport Trains

Girona airport being the busiest airport these days has to cater around three million passengers every year. With such a huge number of visitors, its transportation services needed to be vast too. That is why you can find almost every kind of transportation facility including bus, taxi or private car at the airport. However, for getting to by train there is no railroad network located at the airport. The nearest train station to the airport is Girona station that travels to and from the city centre of Barcelona.

For reaching at the Girona station you can pick up a taxi that is readily available at the airport all the time outside the main terminal building of the airport. Even though there are usually plenty of taxis available but you can call one from the free phone on the information desk or can ask the staff who would call one for you. The train fare depends on the type of train and ranges from € 6.00 to € 15.00. The journey lasts for an hour and you can catch a train in every 30 minutes easily. You will also have to pay an additional cost of €20 for reaching at the train station through taxi. Booking Girona airport transfers to reach at the train station also proves to be a smart option. You will receive full details online including password and the place where you would meet your driver.

Getting to the city by train enables you to travel directly to Figueres, Madrid, Montpelier and also a host of other fascinating destinations in Europe. You can also check out the fares and timetables of train online from the Spanish railway website for finding more about train destinations from Girona. Hence, getting to by train is a good transportation option if you wish to get to your desired place comfortably and without costing much.