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Avis Girona Airport

Girona is the capital of Catalonia on the Costa Brava. This city has the highest quality of living in the entire Spain and its inhabitants are also among the top earners in the whole of Europe. This is evident from the well kept city and its surrounding beauty. The most suitable option to explore the city fully is through a hired car. In this way you will be free from following the schedules of ordinary transport services and take as much time as you want to visit each and every place around Girona. You will also find the car hire desks of various companies at the airport and Avis car hire is one of them.

Avis has a great selection of vehicles in Girona for suiting the particular needs of all customers. The company provides a wide range of cars including economy cars, luxury sedans to compact models and even SUVs. People who opt for other modes of transportation like a bus service do not find their schedules that reliable. This causes a great interruption in their visit to different places around the city. Hence to resolve this matter you should best choose a car hire service that would assist you during your tour completely. Even though it might not save you much money but you will be able to save time and make the most out of this time that you have designated for your touring activities.

With a comfortable car by Avis car hire you can easily explore Girona and its surrounding areas. You can also get a fantastic view of the mountainous countryside and the town from the old city wall remains. Apart from that, who can forget the ideal vacation spot Barcelona which is easily approachable from Girona airport by an hour’s drive? Hence, there is nothing better then enjoying your trip with the convenience of your own car.